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Insulated Concrete Form Safe Rooms ...

Protect your family and valuables with an ICF Safe Room.

Protect your family and valuables with an ICF Safe Room. Safe rooms can be built using ICF's. ICF safe rooms are safer and stronger than masonry safe rooms. With a poured ceiling, ICF safe rooms can withstand up to 250 mph. ICF safe rooms serve several purposes. They can not only protect you during bad storms, they also provide fire protection for irreplaceable valuables.

ICF Safe Room

Typically, a steel door is installed. There is another option as well. A vault door can be installed to increase security and fire-rating. ICF safe rooms are built to FEMA specifications.



Add value to your to you home.

Installing an ICF safe room can be done in most situations. New construction homes can easily be implemented in any room such as a master bedroom closet. Next, an addition may be added on to an existing house. This will give the option to build the room as big as one would need. The last way would be to add the room to an existing house. This would be easier done while remodeling, but can be done without remodeling. Adding an ICF safe room to your residence will increase the value. In some cases, the increase of value may offset the cost depending on the size and complexity. ICF safe rooms not only can protect your family and valuables, it also adds value to your home.

ICF Safe Rooms offer:

  • Steel reinforced concrete walls and ceiling
  • A steel or vault door with multiple locks to protect valuables.
  • Added value to your home
  • Safety and security for your family when you need it most


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