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ICF ICF LLC is a full service contractor. We are a Florida licensed building contractor. We can build your whole project. We can work with your architect to get the project done. What if you don't have an architect, our designer will work with you to get the home or commercial building you've always dreamed of. No job is too small or big.

Let's say you already have a contractor or you are the other contractor, ICF can just build the exterior walls. Then the other contractor can finish the rest of the house. ICF also can be a shell contractor. Which means we can build the exterior walls and do the framing portion of the job all the way to dry in. Your job will then be ready for the other trades to come in.

Architects, we can help you too. Maybe you have a client wanting to build an insulated concrete form house and you haven't designed one before. ICF ICF LLC can assist you in the design or technical portion. We can provide details for the way the walls should be constructed. ICF has been building insulated concrete form projects since 2003. We have plenty of knowledge to share.

Alright now you have the ultimate in insulation for exterior walls , what about the roof? We got you covered on that too. Spray foam insulation is the way to go. Spray foam insulation has several benefits. It's insulation factor is double the standard fiberglass insulation. It will expand into cracks and holes to completely seal off your attic from air leakage in or out. The closed cell insulation will actually provide strength to your roof in the event of a hurricane. Using spray foam insulation with the insulated concrete forms creates the ideal structure for energy efficiency and strength.

Coming soon! ICF ICF LLC will be offering stucco installation. One question that's always asked is Can we put stucco on the exterior? The answer is yes you can. In the near future, we will be providing stucco installation for icf houses. We will be using synthetic stucco which is applied directly to the icf surface. A thin fiber mesh is then trawled in. A second coat can then be applied. The final coat will provide the desired finish. Color can be added to the final coat if you don't like to paint. Synthetic stucco can get to a very high psi making it impossible to penetrate.

Safe Rooms

ICF now offers Safe Room installation. ICF Safe Rooms add value to your home while protecting your family and valuables. Read More ...

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